NW Lights is a Product Management consulting company – we help startups and other organizations create web products people will love to use.

We focus on new product development and/or rethinking existing ones. We operate our best when we are asked to think holistically – bringing together thinking on the Users, the Business and the Technology needed.

© 2011 Martin Eriksson
© 2011 Martin Eriksson

We help our clients define what they need to build and how to do it best, considering their goals and capabilities.

We aim to be agile and lean – we move things forward. We observe, orient, help decide, and act.

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We have worked with a wide array of Clients,

  • Leading Product for Getwaave.com, an innovative take on seamless fiat-crypto payments for the Cannabis industry.
  • Rethinking Product for Pinstriped.com, a streamlined meeting note taking productivity tool.
  • Value Proposition formulation, Business Modeling, User Experience research and design, Technology Architecture definition, and Development for innovative startups like NW Wine Shuttle and Batch7.
  • Rethinking Mission Critical processes and developing modern internal tools for non-profits like Telluride Film Festival or Jewish Records Indexing – Poland.
  • Quick turnaround development in highly specialized environments for Motorola.
  • Flexible Development team for Design Agency Partners such as Scout Labs (NY) and Salty Studios (SF)

The common denominator?

Our clients understand technology as a fundamental tool to leverage, and we  help them think through their Product, break down problems, inform decisions with data, assemble the right team to make it happen.

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